27TH / 28TH MAY 2018

Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex

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Sheep Shearing Show

Set on its own stage, with three breeds being introduced onto the stage with music and includes a shearing demonstration. It's a fun and educational look at sheep and wool.

Live Historic Re-Enactments

The Mid-Victorian Militia, known as MidVic, is a new re-enactment group portraying British and American militia of the 1860s. We specialise in living history, portraying the camp life of the citizen soldiers of the period, whether British Rifle Volunteers or the militia and volunteers of South Carolina.

Main Arena Events

With world-class attractions including the famous Dzhigitova Stunt Show and the Conquest K9 Dog Display Team.

For more information about the Main Arena timetable click on the main arena link on the top menu bar.

Snakes & Lizards

We are extremely pleased to welcome to the show the Federation of British Herpetologists who will be bringing along a whole host of reptiles, snakes and amphibians to the show.

The FBH is an umbrella organisation to which the majority of herpetological societies are affiliated and represents the largest collective of experienced amateur and professional keepers in the UK. Put quite simply, the FBH is the voice of UK reptile and amphibian keeping.

Dogs Section

A section dedicated to our four legged friends - the Dog Zone features have-a-go arenas, fun dog shows and much more ...

Have A Go Archery

A huge welcome back to the members of the Southend Archery Club, who will be running the field archery shoot.

Join Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men (and women) and learn how to become a sure shot with an arrow...

Essex Heavy Military Vehicles

Cats, Badgers and Ferrets

Horse and Carriage Ride

Childrens Entertainment

Fun for all ages, with inflatables, zorbing, bungee trampolines, football darts and much more...