Arena Events

NEW: Meet the Dinosaurs

NEW FOR 2019: Come and meet the dinosaurs...if you dare! This year we will be joined by a baby T-Rex and a Triceratops in the Dinosaur Arena on Bank Holiday Monday.

NEW: Dog and Duck Show

NEW FOR 2019: Join us in the Main Arena as trained and untrained sheep dogs herd ducks in this amusing and educating display. You'll learn about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved - as well as having some fun too!

NEW: Gladiator Stunt Riding Show

NEW FOR 2019: Incredible Horse Stunt Shows
will be taking place throughout the weekend – this year’s theme is Gladiator Girls. Picture beautiful horses, death defying stunts and trick riding at break neck speed. Gladiator girls promises leather clad warrior women sword fighting horseback, jumping horses through fire.

Jousting Stunt Show

BACK DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND A huge welcome to the team from Equestrienne Stunt Shows for this year's spectacular jousting display.

Heavy Horse Display Team

We are pleased to welcome N&J Heavy Horse display team to the show. With Shires and Suffolk Punches - learn more about these gentle giants and see them race around the main arena at high speeds.

Falconry Displays

Enjoy a fast paced flying display from the falcons owned by Fens Falconry Team. From Harris Hawks to Owls... You may even be lucky enough to be chosen to have a Hawk land on your fist!

Trip Hazard

We're delighted to welcome back Lucy Heath who will be bringing fun and interactive displays to the Main Arena. Lucy made it to the final of Britain's Got Talent in 2016 as the act 'Trip Hazard' and will be performing with Trip and friends - there could even be the chance for you to take part too!

Conquest K9 Display Team

Due to popular demand, we are excited to welcome back the Conquest K9 Display Team. Established to promote better dog handling and encourage owners to take their dogs to training classes, we look forward to a fast action packed display in the Main Arena.

All About Dogs Best in Show 2019

Is your dog the Best of the Best? Winners from any of the classes throughout the weekend are welcome to participate in this 'fun' dog show. If you won a first prize rosette then come along to the Main Arena at 4pm and join in for free - here's one of our 2018 winners: Emmi and owners James, Katherine and Jessica!

All information correct at time of publication. Aztec Events reserves the right to amend or change activities due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.